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Acquire the best 21st century skill and be ahead of others.

Programming Simplified

We build, teach, train and deploy.

The 21st century environment deploys technology in most activities! That is why we are here to help your business grow with every needed technology. We offer premium service to all our clients across the globe. Creativity makes us stand out. Meeting your business needs is our topmost priority. At Diskilltech, we help grow your business by providing your business with modern technologies required.

Web Development

Our job is to develop and deploy your website to the internet. We build scalable, responsive and adaptive web pages for all devices and platforms(Desktop, Laptop, Android, MacOs, IOS, etc). Our sites are fast and SEO compatible.

Coding Class

When it comes to training intending Web/Game Developers/Software Engineers we pay much attention as we walk them through the process step by step. We understand that a well trained developer will offer the best service to any client all over the world. Be it Kid Coding or Adult Training, our detailed training method will give you a jump start

Domain Registration

Do you want to register a domain? We are here to help you. Leave the process to us. We will register you with the best hosting platforms in the world with 99.9% uptime.


Eduxma School Solution

Eduxma is a school management software for automating school processes. Eduxma is helping schools by digitizing most of their activities. It is the best school management application for Pre-School to Secondary schools world wide. Scalable, responsive, fast and fully customizable.

Facebook Page Design

Your business will attract more traffic with a good and well designed facebook page. Many businesses are on Facebook but they do not get as much sale as expected. Yeah! Everything has tricks! Let's help you with the tricks.

Whatsapp Business Setup

With whatsapp business platform your business can break new grounds! Let's handle all your business setup and product design to attract new customers beyond your expectation.

Instagram Business Page

Instagram is a cool way to pull more traffic for your business. With catchy page contents and tips you can get to your business destination. Let's do it!

Turn Your Phone to a Studio

With the current advancement in technology many resort to 'Do-It-Yourself'. It is cheaper and gives you a lot of control. Your business needs daily posts to attract customers. A good business page post comes with creativity.
Let's teah you how you can turn your phone into a studio for best creative business content.



21st Century Skills

Skills are those things that you can do creatively with ease. Read more... posted on 2022-04-15 10:16:48 796 views.